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Information for Youth - Healthy Relationships


Someone to talk to. Someone to listen.




Could this be for me?

Here are some examples of questions we come across around relationships from students just like you:


   “What exactly is a toxic relationship? How do I know if I am in one?”

   “What do you think about ‘frenemies’... can you actually be a friend and an enemy?”

   “When someone is asking me constantly about what I’m doing, my friend says they are controlling. But where is the line? Don’t some people just ask a lot of questions?” 

   “Why don’t my parents get the pressure I am under? That I can only take so much?”

   “Drama... Why I am always to blame for the drama?”


Sometimes, having someone to talk through your relationships with peers, parents or dating partners can help. We’re here to help


So, what do we do? 

One-on-one counselling: Deep dive into your relationships with a trained therapist.

Group Counselling: Discuss relationships in a group of your peers lead by a trained therapist.


OK, I’m interested... now what?

Simply click the "Let us text you" button below to fill out your contact information, and we will reach out to chat or answer questions. This step is not a commitment to enroll in the program. Please provide a phone number if you would prefer to be contacted via text message. There is no pressure to answer or discuss with us further if you change your mind. 


Let us text you               Download Info Sheet

Healthy Relationships Program Contact Form


What would you need from my parents?

We would reach out to your parents and talk about what we do. This way they can ask questions and sign the paperwork needed for us to get started. We also can offer some support to your parent(s) that is completely separate from you. Parenting is hard and we believe the more support offered the better. 


Any student can access one-on-one counselling or digital group counselling.


The following schools offer in-person group counselling: 

All Saints High School

Bow Valley High School

Bowness High School

Chestermere Middle School

Cochrane High School

Father Lacombe High School

Forrest Lawn High School

Jack James High School

James Fowler High School

John G. Deifenbaker High School

Lord Beaverbrook High School

Nelson Mandela High School

Queen Elizabeth High School

Robert Thirsk High School


For more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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